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CONTACT:  Randy Moyer   717-834-5091, cell 717-884-6797


  • Practice Field Range with Bag Targets
  • Elevated Shooting Platform (16 feet) with Bag and 3D Targets
  • Sand pit with Styrofoam for broad head shooting.


  • 3D Shoots on Sundays as scheduled.  Usually 2 Loops, 30 targets total.   See Schedule Below.
  • Thursday evening shoots.  See Schedule Below


  • Routine maintenance is required and is taken on by club volunteers as needed.


  • SATURDAY & SUNDAY SHOOTS – 2 courses consisting of a total of 30 and an additional 4 targets from the platform.  Registration begins at 7 AM and ends at 1 PM.  Concession stand will be open for the duration of the shoot.
  • Adults - $10.00; Juniors age 12 to 16 - $5.00; Age 11 & under - Free

Block Shoots

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Block shoots are held on Friday evenings from the first Friday of January through the last Friday of March and from the second Friday of September for 9 weeks into early November.  Four meat rounds and one special round are held each evening.  Registration begins at 6:30.  Shooting starts at 7:00.  Competition is open to all 12 gauge shotguns.  The only restriction is a maximum barrel length of 36”.   Shells are furnished.  We are located off Route 274, 4 miles west of Duncannon or 3 miles east of Meck’s Corner at 256 Montebello Farm Road.  For additional information, contact Carl Fox at 717-433-8223 or Bob Hines at 717-834-3882.


Duncannon Sportsmen's Association Scholarship

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The Duncannon Sportsmen’s Association will present a total of $1000.00 in scholarships to graduating seniors entering a field of study relating to forestry, wildlife management, conservation, the environment or a related field. 

The Duncannon Sportsmen’s Scholarship is open to all graduating seniors of the Susquenita School District and the graduating senior son/daughter of Duncannon Sportsmen’s Association members (in good standing for 2016) in other school districts.  Home schooled and private schooled seniors are welcome to apply.

Completed applications should be forwarded to Lester Nace, Scholarship Chairman, 7 Roseglen Road, Duncannon, PA  17020.  Applications must be postmarked by March 31 each year.  The recipient(s) will be notified at the high school awards ceremony in the recipient’s home school.  Home schooled recipients will be notified by letter at their home address.   Funds will be mailed to the recipient(s) upon successful completion of one semester of study and enrollment for the following semester.  A copy of your first semester grades and proof of registration for your second semester must be sent to Mr. Nace at the above address.

Applications will be available in the Susquenita High School guidance office no later than February 1.   Applicants from other school districts and home schooled seniors shall request an application from Mr. Nace by calling 717-395-4751.


Hunter - Trapper Education

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We conduct Hunter-Trapper Education (HTE) classes using a team of PA Game Commission certified instructors.  The standard HTE class consists of 4 hours of independent study and a minimum of six hours of classroom study.  Our classes are normally a one day Saturday class.

HTE classes are required of all first time hunters in Pennsylvania.  All students must be 11 years of age at the time they complete the class.  All classes are open to the public and free of charge.

Classes are usually held at Duncannon on the first Saturday of March and the Saturday after Labor Day.  Our team of instructors also instruct classes at New Bloomfield Sportsmen’s Association the second Saturday of March and at the PA State Hunters Organization on the second Saturday of August.  Classes are usually posted on the Game Commission website at least eight weeks before the class.  Online Registration for all classes is required on the Game Commission website at .  On the Homepage, click “Hunter Education Classes”, select “Hunter-Trapper Education”, enter your zip code and select 10 miles or 50 miles.

A Successful Furtaking Course is also normally held in Perry County during September.  You may locate this class on the website by following the above instructions and selecting “Successful Furtaking”.  This advanced class has a $15.00 fee which must be paid online by credit card during the registration process.

For additional information:

CONTACT:  CARL FOX at 433-8223 or

               RAY EBERSOLE at 834-4435


Perry County Fair

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Each year our organization operates a stand at the Perry County Fair as a fund raising event for the association.  The stand serves not only as a fund raiser but as a means to interact with the public and those who are non-members as well as or own members.  The stand is located on the midway cattycornered from the stage.


We do several things at the fair:

  1. We operate a cake wheel using baked goods and produce type items as prizes.  At $.25 a number, it is by far the cheapest game at the fair.  We ask that our members donated items for use at this game.  We try to contact members requesting a donation but if no one contacts you, feel free to drop something off at the stand.
  2. We operate a crossbow dart game were participants have the opportunity to win plush toys.  This game costs $.50 per dart and is for the youngsters and the young at heart.
  3. Lastly, we also sell raffle tickets for firearms and other outdoor related prizes.  Winning tickets are drawn the last night of the fair from the stage.

 Contacts:  Bob Foltz – 834-5705

                Carl Fox – 834-3635


Perry County Youth Field

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We are a participating club in the Perry County Sportsmen for Youth which plans and holds an annual Youth Field Day.  The field day hosts approximately 200 youth between the ages of 9 and 16 both male and female.  The event exposes participants various firearms shooting skills, archery skills, waterfowl and turkey hunting techniques, furtaking techniques, fly casting and trout fishing as well as other outdoor skills.  The event alternates between the Ickesburg Sportsmen’s Association (even # years) and the Duncannon Sportsmen’s Association (odd # years).  The Field Day is held the second Saturday of June each year.  Registration begins May 6 beginning at 8:00 AM. For more information, click here.

If you desire to become involved in helping with the events or the planning, you may contact one of our members on the planning team:  Michael Grogan – 717-834-3233; Robert Hofer II – 717-903-8486, or Carl Fox – 717-834-3635.


Rifle and Handgun Range

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CONTACT:  Carl Fox 717-834-3635, cell 717-433-8223


  • Covered 10 Bench Shooting Line 
  • 100 Yard Target Holders with Earthen Bank Backstop
  • 25 Yard and 50 Yard Steel Frame Backstops with Target Holders


  • Range is open for shooting of Centerfire and Rimfire Rifles and Handguns as well as  Muzzleloading firearms by members and their guests.  See Shooting Rules and Regulations posted at the range.  The Shooting and Ground Rules are also available elsewhere on this website.
  • Shotgun patterning is also allowed, using the steel frame provided or you may bring your own.
  • During 3D Archery shoots, Youth Field Day and other scheduled events, the range will be closed to use by the membership.  These closings will be posted on the Home Page.      


Routine maintenance is required and is taken on by club volunteers as needed.


Trap Shooting

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CONTACT:  Ward Rice cell 717-756-1133 or John Rice cell 717-645-0626


  • Standard regulation trap course
  • Updated lighting has been installed during  2014.


  • 1st Wednesday in April to last Wednesday of October.  Shooting starts at 6 PM and continues until everyone decides to call it quits.
  • 2nd and 4th Sundays April through October.  Shooting begins at 2 PM.


We have the trap serviced annually by Shyda’s from Lebanon.


Trout Nursery and Stocking

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CONTACT:  Lee Clugston, 717-834-3607


The nursery is located at 2007 Newport Road, at the intersection of SR 0849 and Old Limekiln Lane, in Miller Township, Perry County.


Prior to starting our nursery, the site was monitored by the PA Fish Commission and approved as a Cooperative Nursery site.  The nursery was established in 1979 on lands owned, at that time by one of our members, Bob Hines.  The area that contains the nursery had an ample spring water supply to raise trout from fingerling to stocking size.  Bob has since sold the property to Lynn Bricker.  We hold a perpetually renewable lease on the property and have had a good relationship with the present landowner.

We started the nursery by building 3 wooden framed wire baskets, approximately 3’x3’x8’, and placing them in the small stream created by the flow from the springs.  We received 1000 Brown Trout fingerlings from the PFC that first year. They were fed twice daily, 7 days a week by volunteer club members and stocked in the Little Juniata Creek.  The trout did extremely well.

The following year we built the present 75-foot long concrete raceway. All design followed Fish Commission guidelines and construction was completed by volunteer members.  After completion of the raceway we received 3000 Brown and Rainbow trout fingerlings.  This second year, the trout were again hand fed.  We continue to receive 3000 trout annually, and currently include rainbows, browns, brooks and a few golden trout.

The club has performed all necessary maintenance and improvements and also, some enhancements, to make this endeavor a continued success.  We have added a feed and storage shed, automatic feeders, an aeration system, an emergency generator, stocking tank and float stocking boxes.


  • Annually stocks trout in the Little Juniata Creek.
  • Sponsor a Youth Trout Derby at Wagner Park in Wheatfield Twp. The first Saturday in June.
  • Sponsor and donate trout to the Perry County Disadvantaged Persons Derby held at Marysville.
  • Donate fish to the Perry County Youth Field Day when fishing is part of the program.


Routine maintenance is required and is taken on by club volunteers as needed.  Annually, after stocking has been completed, any repairs needed on the raceway are completed and the raceway is cleaned and disinfected prior to receiving the next year’s fingerlings.  We have been able to enlist the assistance of some young men from Loysville Youth Development Center to assist with maintenance and with stocking the trout.

To volunteer, contact any club officer or board member.  


For stocking dates see the calendar.  


Youth Trout Derby

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We hold a youth Trout Derby the first Saturday of June at Wheatfield Township’s Wagner Park.

Wagner Park is located at the intersection of Paradise Road and Narrows Road. 

The Derby is open to children age 3 to 13. Each participant receives free hot dog and soda as well as a door prize by means of a random drawing.  Registration is from 8 AM to 9 AM. Fishing begins at 9AM and continues until 11AM. Door prizes are awarded being at 11:30 AM.  Participants must be present to receive a door prize.

Little Juniata Creek is closed to all fishing by a PA Fish and Boat Commission permit from 12:01 AM, Saturday prior to the derby to 12:01 AM, Monday following the derby. Derby fishing only is permitted until 1:00 PM on Saturday at which time ONLY youth under the age of sixteen may fish until 12:01 Monday morning.

For additional information:


                   CARL FOX        433-8223